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Shay "Your Love Diva"

Certified Love Transformer!

Shay Levister is the Founder and CEO of Shay Better Coaching

She is one of the most recognized, trusted and awarded certified master love coaches in the world with over 7.41 million views and almost 1 million followers on social media, a love coaching + consulting practice that spans 75 countries and has helped thousands of women heal.

Transform into the best version of themselves and attract and keep their romantic best friend.

What Real Clients say about Shay...

"Had I not made the investment in myself to join Shay’s Program, I would’ve sabotaged my marriage.. but after Shay told me I was the problem in my marriage, I put in the work necessary to make my marriage work and It has paid off ten fold!"
-Samanta Chavez
"After completing this program, I was amazed at the transformation. Not only were my love blocks healed, but also my mind and soul. The love and support that I received during this transition were truly inspirational."

-Alicia Bergeron
"If you are struggling with finding your true love, then coaching with Shay is your answer! Her coaching will help you to heal so that you can be open to find the one! After working with Shay, I found my mate and I couldn't be happier!"

-Tiffany Hardy
"Every woman should do this program. It has changed me for the better. My job has called me in to work more and I made more money. I love myself more. I know that my soulmate is coming and I will have the healthy love relationship of my dreams. I am more happy in life than ever before. Thank you Shay! And God."
"I am grateful I was able to join and graduate from Boss Diva University because it changed my life. I had been following Shay for several months, attending her lives and watching her tiktok/instagram posts. I attended the master seductress retreat where I got to meet Shay in person. I fell in love with Shay’s work and how she cared for all of us. By the end of the retreat, I knew I wanted to join Boss Diva University and be part of this amazing community. It was the best decision and investment I made. The amount of healing I did and continue on doing wouldn’t have been able without Shay’s help and guidance. Thank you Shay and all my Diva sisters for all the love and support."
-Cinth Sz
"I started following Shay on instagram for a year and I was gleaning what I could from her lives but I wanted more of the teachings that she had to offer . I invested in myself and joined Boss Diva University after a one on one with Shay. I knew that I needed more than just therapy. I needed to go deeper to do the inner work so that I could heal and move forward to have the life that I wanted. Since joining the program Shay helped me to identify what was holding me back from having the love and the life that I wanted and now I have the confidence and the knowledge that I need to go get it! Thank you Shay you are great at what you do!!"

-Sabrina Albacete


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