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While out in public (grocery stores, whole running errands)
Set up by friends/ family
Online dating
At parties, bars or clubs
At work
At church
At Gym
Social media DM's
Matchmaking service

On a scale of 0 - 10 where (0=terrible, 10 = excellent), how would you rate your ability to successfully screen and select qualified men to date?

How would you describe the way you qualify men BEFORE you go on a date with them?

Please explain why you gave yourself a {{score}}:

What are your Top 3 biggest dating challenges:

I don’t get asked on dates often
Qualifying Men
I get too emotionally invested, too fast
Where the heck are the good men?!
Attract low quality who don't treat you right
I attract narcissists
I attract “man-babies” who want to be taken care of
I am afraid of being hurt
I attract emotionally unavailable men
I am clueless about dating
I am recently divorced and clueless about dating

Right now, how would you best describe your dating life:

On average, how many dates do you go on per month?

My romantic best friend will be:

We can show you exactly 

HOW to attract and date 5-10 high value dates every month with men who are 
✅looking for a wife 
✅understand your needs, wants and desires, 
✅ and will spoil you, pursue you and ready to commit to only you!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in exploring?

Excellent, Diva! Your intentions are in the right place. Our Certified Love Specialists are trained to help you identify your existing love blocks, explore any toxic dating patterns and provide you with expert guidance on how you can attract the love and life you desire and deserve using a technique we call The Diva Love Formula. Before we can determine your eligibility for the 1:1 Love Discovery Session, please answer the following questions:

I am willing to be open and honest during 
my 1:1 discovery session

I am willing to be coached, even if this means being pushed outside of my personal comfort zone?

I am ready to identify and heal any existing Love Blocks (any thought, behavior or belief that blocks love from coming into your life) that are causing me pain, chronic singlehood and blocking the love that I desire.

I am willing to admit that I can not fix or 
heal my Love Blocks on my own?

Based on YOUR unique love goals are you willing and/or able to make a financial investment for yourself?

Which of the following coaching experiences would work best for you?

Please tell us anything else about yourself that we should know or take into consideration for your Love Discovery Session:

We are a top rated love coaching and matchmaking agency with an unmatched 98% success rate, so our packages and services are NOT free or cheap. If you follow our formula and are coachable, our programs can help you heal and change your life. This includes increasing your happiness, mental health, income and attracting the love and life of your dreams. What budget have you set aside for healing/ matchmaking services?

If we're a good fit, how soon would you like 
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You will have to schedule a 5 minute Prep-Call BEFORE your 1:1 Love Discovery Call is confirmed. Are you ready?

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